Hello World

This is my page dedicated to writing.

Reading was an early talent and passion. Writing followed as a consequence. Telling stories was not. Fiction writing is a relatively new endeavor to me. I guess the stories I collected were fermenting somewhere. But I feel it is time get them out of the bottle.

I first read and wrote in Portuguese. My early influences include the classics of Brazilian and Portuguese literature and poetry. I spent the most time reading Machado de Assis, Fernando Pessoa, Jorge Amado, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, José Saramago, Luis Fernando Veríssimo.

Later in my adulthood, I sampled a bit of global literature and read some of the classics, but not in a structured way. My favorite author is Milan Kundera.

I have taken several fiction writing workshops online and at Stanford University. My work has not been published anywhere (yet).

Hello World